Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fighting the Temptation

The morning spread at my Seminar all three days...

This Paleo Challenge is definitely a challenge for me. When I am able to prepare my own food and eat it when I plan on eating, I have no problems sticking to paleo foods. The biggest challenge comes from having to figure out what to eat in a bind. Well, scratch that, the biggest challenge is not giving in to the temptation of all the foods I used to love (and still do). For example this week, I have been attending a seminar at the Hilton for the past two days and tomorrow as well. For breakfast they have the above along with all your favorite fruit juices. Fortunately, I had eaten a full breakfast and I was not hungry so I stuck to two cups of black coffee. Don't get me wrong, I was still tempted to have one of those delicious looking donuts but I stood strong, both days so far.

Lunch Tuesday was good cause they had chicken breasts and some mixed veggies that I could eat while most of the others chowed down on huge plates of lasagna and other pastas. Then to top it off they had delicous looking cake and cookies for desert. Still standing strong, I kept it to the fruit tray sitting next to the other deserts. Lunch today, was not as good. They had sandwiches and some broccoli salad. I took three sandwiches and ate the meat, lettuce and tomatoes only. Not very filling but if I took anymore sandwiches that might not look good to my managers. So I ended up having more of the broccoli salad and again some fruit for desert.

Still, the worst part of the whole food situation is the afternoon snacks. To help keep people awake they had cookies, candy bars, and all types of chips including my favorite kettle cooked jalapeno. Plus all the free pop you could drink all day long. Yet I stood strong and only had water and munched on some almonds I had in my car. But today I was ultra sleepy so I took a 5 hour energy shot to get me through the rest of the afternoon.

So I am proud of myself thus far (minus the wedding I went to on Saturday) because I have stuck to the paleo diet pretty well. One problem I have run in to is getting really sleepy in the afternoons but Ricky said I need to eat more, especially fats and throw in a little more protein. I am trying to do that so we shall see if that helps. I am also taking quite a bit of fish oil, 6 teaspoons a day of Carlson Labs liquid. I haven't seen a lot of changes in my performance yet but I am hoping next week will prove otherwise. I haven't been tracking my weight really cause the goal of this challenge is to see how your body composition changes of the course of the 7 weeks. However, I feel like I have lost some weight already and I feel great throughout most of the day.

Sorry for the lopng rambling post this time around. I have a lot to talk about and not a lot of time to write it all down. Perhaps I can try to post more often so I can get more of my thoughts down on paper.

Oh, one final thought. My copy of The Primal Blueprint came in the mail yesterday and I am excited to get to reading it, which is what I am going to do now.... see you next time.

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